Shlomo HaMelech said, "Amarti Echkimah Vihee Richokah Mimehnee"; "I thought I was wise, however it is distant from me." Shlomo thought that he would be able to understand the reason behind the Parah Adumah, however it was distant and hidden from him.
What gave Shlomo the idea that he would understand this Chok, that led him to say - "Amarti Echkimah" ? Chida answers that the pasuk says by Parah Adumah -
וְלָקְחוּ, לַטָּמֵא, מֵעֲפַר, שְׂרֵפַת הַחַטָּאת
The Roshai Tavos of, לַטָּמֵא, מֵעֲפַר, שְׂרֵפַת הַחַטָּאת
come out to Shlomo - when rearranged. That was why Shlomo thought he would understand this Chok. However Hashem told him, read the letters in sequence, and then it spells "L'Moshe" meaning, that the secret of the Parah Adumah was only revealed to Moshe Rabbeinu.

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