Speak to the Jewish nation, tell them that any person who is ritually impure, or is far away - to you or your generations, he still bring the Pesach sacrifice to G-d. On the fourteenth day of the second month, in the afternoon, they shall do it - on Matzos and bitter herbs they shall eat it. (Bamidbor 9:10 - 11)
Rashi explains the phrase "or is far away" as meaning even on the threshhold of the Azoroh (courtyard of the Holy Temple)! This leads to a question, if the person is at the threshhold of the Azoroh, why doesn't the person enter the Azoroh (and bring the Pesach sacrifice at it's correct time)?
Rav Yecheskel of Kuzmir Z"TL (Alei Deshe) answers the question as follows. A person who is very meek may - due to his humility - say to himself, "who am I to enter this sacred place as one of the holiest people?" At each attempt to enter, he retreats from the entrance with extreme embarassment. This pattern repeats itself for the first group, the second group and the third group - he is to embarassed to cross the threshhold of the Azoroh! When G-d sees this behavior, G-d rewards this person with a special holiday.

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