“Bahaloscha Es HaNeiros”, when you bring up the candles.
Why the word Bahaloscha, shouldn’t it say “BiHadlikcha”, when you light the candles?
This can be answered with the following Medrash. We all know that Hashem needs nothing from us. Everything that he asks us to do is purely for our benefit and stems from his eternal kindness. When it came to lighting the menora the gemara asks (Shabbos 22b), “V’Chi l’Ora Hu Tzarich”, does Hashem need our light? The Medrash Tanchuma (Bamidbar 5) says that the light of the appearance of the “Chayos” in Shamayim can light up the whole universe. Another Medrash Tanchuma (Bamidbar HaYashan 9) brings a mashal showing that Hashem only uses our light to make us feel important.
This is why explains the Medrash Tanchuma, Hashem refrains from using the word “BiHadlikcha”, when you light the candles. That would imply that we are the ones supplying the light. Instead says the Medrash, Hashem says, “Bahaloscha” when you go up. Each Mitzva is an opportunity for us to go up, to improve ourselves and raise ourselves. The action that we take for Hashem’s sake has no benefit to Him whatsoever. It is purely an opportunity for us to raise ourselves higher. Bahaloscha, take advantage and do it for yourself so that you can go up!

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