The sedra and chumash are called 'bamidbar' after the opening pasuk retelling that HaShem spoke to Moshe in the desert. Why is this detail so important that it gets to entitle the sedra? Two answers...
1) Chazal teach that in order to acquire Torah one must make themselves hefker like the desert, ie nullify one's self ego [and realise that just like if one is stuck in a desert it is up to you and no-one else to grow crops, so too it is up to you to take responsibility that you understand and learn Torah; Kotzker Rav]
2) The sedra is all about our perfect formation order. The contrast is a great lesson; even though Bnei Yisrael are in an orderless desert , we can still make order. So too is our mission in the world; to reflect HaShem and thus show that in a disparate world that might seem to some to have no unifying order, there is a clear order run by a Controller; HaShem.

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