Spies and Dreams

Dvar Torah




This dvar Torah began as I was wondering what, if any, was the connection between the story of the meraglim(spies) before B’nei Yisroel went into The land of Israel and the story of Joseph accusing his brothers of being spies.


Let us first look…

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Where to begin?


And Israel their father said to them: ………………and carry down to the man a present, a little balm, and a little honey, spicery and ladanum, nuts, and almond." (43:11)

Jacob had now agreed to allow his sons to return to Egypt in order to purchase food during the…

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Parashas Mikeitz – Recognising the Source

This week's sedra starts with the words “It happened at the end of two years to the day” [41:1] … that Pharaoh had his famous dream. What the Torah is really trying to tell us here is that exactly two years after the butler was freed from prison, Yoseph was…

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Let us not forget

When Yoseph names his first son Menashe, the Torah tells us that it was as a reminder that Hashem had "caused him to forget his father" (Genesis 41:51). Usually, when a name is given in the Torah, it is an expression of thanks to G-d; here it seems that the…

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Life begins at 30

In perek 41 pasuk 46 we are informed that ‘Yosef was thirty years of age when he stood before Pharaoh’ (and successfully interpreted Pharaoh’s dream). The Torah is not a storybook; it does not tell us details that are unimportant. So why is Yosef’s age an important thing for us…

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