Towards the end of her life, the wife of the Vilna Goan made a deal with her righteous friend that which ever of them would die first would come to the other in a dream and tell over what it is like in the World to Come.

After some time, the friend of the Vilna Goan's wife passed away. As agreed, after some days her departed soul visited her friend in a dream.
She said as follows : " I am not permitted to tell you what it is like here, but I will tell you one you remember last week when we were out walking together... a woman across the way dropped her bag and all her vegetables fell to the ground and we ran over to help her.
Well you can not believe the reward I received for just doing that one little mitzva, greater than anything you can possibly imagine!
But you know what is more?

Your reward, will be so much greater than mine...because you saw her first and took the first step!"

From here we see a simple but profound message, we cannot imagine the enormous reward for even the smallest of mitzvas, and what is more, even the very last detail is accounted for and rewarded in an unimaginable way.
So when we next have the opportunity, don't forget that every little counts.

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