Bava Basra

Bava Batra 15a: Who wrote the last eight verses?

Eight verses before the end of the Torah, the verse states1: “And Moshe, the Lord’s servant, died there ...” Is it possible that after Moshe died he wrote “And Moshe, the Lord’s servant, died there …”? Rather, until here, Moshe wrote; thereafter, Yehoshua wrote. This is the view of Rabbi…

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Bava Batra 15a :The Final Words




“And Moshe died …” (Devarim 34:5) - (Bava Batra 15a) considers who wrote the final 8 verses of the Torah which describe events after Moshe’s death. Rabbi Yehudah’s view is that Moshe wrote, under God’s direction, the entire Torah except for the last 8 verses, which were…

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