Shalom Bayis

Dust is all around

Chazal say that environment is like dust. It settles. You don’t see it but it’s everywhere. We can polish the furniture until it sparkles but three days later it’s covered in dust again. It’s so tiny we don’t even notice it at first, but it’s always there, floating about all…

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May you always be like a green tomato

Under the chuppah the chosson and kalla are given the blessing that they should be a banyan adei ad – an everlasting building. The blessing is that we should be building our marriages forever.

If you were to give this blessing to Joe the builder who is hard at work on the construction site…

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Surprise! Marriage is like a sealed envelope

You thought you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into when you stood under that chuppah? You thought you knew exactly who you were marrying? You were very wrong!

After the wedding, the chosson and kallahwill find plenty of surprises inside their envelopes, some pleasant and some harder to swallow, some…

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When your dreams aren't realized

If your husband turns out to be not the ideal person that you dreamed about, you must still respect him. Why? Because you respect Hashem Who chose him for you (Gemorah, Sota 2a).

But don't think that Hashem gave you a challenge. Don't think that Hashem gave you a rotten husband.…

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More Precious than Pearls

In Eishes Chayil, the woman’s value is described as “more precious than pearls”. Why pearls, rather than gold, diamonds or some other gem? What is so special about pearls?

A pearl is made when a parasite invades the shell of the oyster. This tiny parasite irritates the oyster and it…

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