The new rav of the shul was shocked at leinning when half the kehilla stood up and half remained seated. the ones who stood up shouted at the ones sitting down and ones sitting down at the ones standing up and no one had a clue what the minhag was. so he is pointed in the direction of an old man who was founding member of the shul. he asked the old man if the custom was to stand. he thinks and the old man replies "no, the minhag was not to stand" "sorted said the rav, so the minhag was to sit" "no" said the old man, "the minhag was not to sit" "thats ridiculous" said the rav, "it has to be one! because at the moment some sit and some stand and they both shout at each other for not standing or sitting!" "ah ha!" said the old man, "this was the minhag!"

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