Was, is and will be

Hashem is the creator of world who is active in every single aspect of it.

Find Hashem and build a connection with Him


Hashem is with us even after sin

Teshuva means thatYou didn’t do that action.

Take a Second Chance and start from scratch.

Beg Hashem to help you work to get these negative traits and sins out of your system.


Strength and Mercy of Hashem

We enjoy the sin, it feels good and we can’t break away

Even after we can have a second chance.  We are not sure we are ready for it. Give us the strength to pass the test and do Teshuva – we’re not ready yet to do it alone.  We have no energy for Teshuva, we can’t rebuild.

We need You to give us the strength to do Teshuva.  We know it is a Chutzpa to ask, but we need You to give us the means to pay You with.


When we aren’t even asking for Hashem for help

We don’t want to do Teshuva in some areas

See our suffering and make us want to do Teshuva.

Supply us with Everything!


Hashem gives gifts for Free

Inspire us and Open our eyes

We don’t even know where we are going wrong.

Open our eyes and show us where we are going wrong.

ארך אפים

We know we are doing things wrong but we aren’t ready just yet to change

We don’t deserve all the chances You have given us because of this.

We want to be ready but we need You to wait.

Please, give us another chance even when we don’t want to change the things we are doing wrong yet.

ורב חסד

We aren’t listening to Your messages

Life is struggle, that’s how we grow but we are just letting life pass us by

We are missing out on chances that You are giving us.

We are worthy of Nothing!

Give us a new life and let us Live as You want us to!


We have no zchus left at all and even Rachamim won’t help us

You promised that our Teshuva would work and we will live to serve you

And because You are Emes, since You said it (in Your infinite kindness)

You committed Yourself to it.

נצר חסד לאלפים

Zchus Avos

Remember my fathers.

I have no zchus but help me in their merit!

נשא עון ופשע

We knew we were listening to the yetzer hara

We were conscious of our wrongdoing

Please erase even those occasions when we purposely went against you


We recognized You and weren’t careful in our actions

Even though we know You are there, sometimes we pretend You are not


(לא ינקה)

Wipe our slate clean COMPLETELY

Let us always reach You and have another chance through our Teshuva

There will be times when we will continue to mess up but don’t forsake us

Never take the gift of Teshuva away from us!

Give us the chance of giving You Pleasure. You gave us these 13 Midos as a free gift to bring us close to YOU, that’s what we want most of all: to live in Your house where You are King

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