Mobile phone as a metaphor for life?

Before anything, you must have a plan. Do your research before starting a new priceplan. Ask people who have experience and can give you good advice.

Read and the instruction book and review your contract to make sure you understand the plan and are using your phone correctly. If you are not careful to follow your plan, it will cost you.

You can’t waste your minutes and you can’t talk as much as you please. There is no such thing as an unlimited plan. Even a plan with unlimited minutes eventually expires.

If you have a good plan and you use your minutes well, you will get rollover time.

Watch what you say. Just because you think know one can hear you means that everything you say is private. And remember the phone-company keeps a record of all your calls.

Use Caller ID. Be careful who you allow to contact you. Put yourself on the "do not call" list to avoid unwanted calls.

Make sure the basic features you need work well. Just because a cell phone has a lot of extra toys and gadgets doesn’t mean it works better or that you will be happy with it.

You are bound to experience difficulty even with the best plan and the best phone. Call the service provider and ask for help if you are experiencing difficulty with your service.

Don’t be so fast to blame the carrier or the phone if you are not satisfied with the way your phone works. It could be that you are not using the phone correctly. If you go back and read the instruction book you may be surprised with just how much your phone is capable of.
You don’t stop using cell phones just because one plan didn’t work out for you. You just get a better plan. If you look hard enough and are willing to make the investment you can always upgrade your service.

Take good care of your phone and keep your batteries charged or your phone will die.

Make sure your ringer is set appropriately. You never know when you are going to be called.

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