For the best part of two months an additional Psalm is recited in our liturgy. "Le'dovid Hashem ori" (Psalm 27) was chosen because allusion in it to the important festivals in this period.

Amongst them "My light" refers to Rosh Hashanah, and "My Salvation" refers to Yom Kippur. We can understand why Yom Kippur be given this reference, because we are given salvation in G-d's great kindness to be able to clean our slates, when we demonstrate absolute and sincere resolution to improve and mend our ways. But why should Rosh Hashanah be called a "light"?
There is a further puzzle about these days. G-d decided in his goodness to grant us opportunity to repent from any sins we may have committed.
If he also desires to judge us -as we believe he does on Rosh Hashanah - wouldn’t it have made more sense to first grant us atonement (Yom Kippur), and then after we would have all been cleansed for us to be judged, which would no doubt be a more favourable judgment. These days don't seem to be in the correct order? I once heard the following explanation, which answers both of these questions most beautifully:

Repentance is commonly known as "Teshuva", which means RETURNING. The intention is of course for us to return to G-d and His Torah, by demonstrating even more loyalty. We only commit sins due to a "Momentary blindness" or "Darkness" from the truths which we really desire to adhere to. In our returning process we must retrace our steps, which of course includes the refocusing on the light to which we were blind. This light is the clarity about our obligations. This clarity stems from the submission to G-d's absolute sovereignty, which is the theme throughout the Rosh Hashanah services. Hence the reference to Rosh Hashanah being "Light". Our refocusing on this light is a prerequisite to the Teshuva, which we need in order to attain our atonement on Yom Kippur.

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