Tu Bshvat

Daven for your Beautiful Esrog TODAY!!!

The Mishna in Rosh HaShana says there are four Rosh HaShanas during the course of the year. The Rosh HaShana for the trees is on Tu B'Shvat according to Bais Hillel. Unlike all the other Rosh HaShanas counted in the Mishna where it says the plural form of the category…

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Be like a date Tree!!!!




The gemara in Makos 24a says that although Hashem gave 613 mitzvos various neviim found strong foundations that cover many mitzvos and were able to narrow the count substantially until Chavakuk came and found the main foundation that all the mitzvos sprout from; "Emuna" like the pasuk…

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Appreciating the miracles of nature




After the shira, the Bnei Yisrael are in Mara, unable to drink the ‘bitter’ water. Hashem instructs Moshe to put a piece of tree (a branch) into the water. After doing so, the water becomes sweet, and the Bnei Yisrael are able to drink the water.


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