this tuesday, (24th july)will be tisha b av meaning in hebrew 9th of av. It is an extremely sad day in the jewish calender for the main reason being both bet hamikdashim (temples) were destroyed on this day. We do many things on this day to show our mourning such as we obviously fasting, we sit low etc. There is also a custom of not eating meat from rosh chodesh onward until the day itself The destruction was down to two main reasons. Sinas chinam and loshon horo. The earlier meaning baseless hatred and the latter meaning when you speak bad about someone.
We can all do our bit by fasting on tisha b av.. not eating meat, but if we want to make and even bigger difference, then we could try our upmost hardest to imrove ourselves by holding in the urge to speak behind someones back and trying to be nicer to people generally. With this im yirze hashem the moshiach with come and the 3rd bet hamikdash will be built

shabbat well

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