An interesting idea: It's interesting to note that the niggun for eicha and the niggun for simchas torah (kohanecha yilbeshu tzedek...) are the same apart from the last two notes. The last two notes of eicha do down in tone, whilst the one's of simchas torah go up in tone. It's interesting that the happiest day of the year and saddest day of the year are separated by only the last two notes.

Perhaps we can use this to stress the statement of chazal 'hakol holech achar hachasom' (everything goes according to the end part). Lemashal, one can be running the 100m race and be leading the entire way, but if you slow down towards the end then all the previous effort can be wasted. So too, if one has run slowly throughout the race, one can make it all up if they sprint really quickly the last metres.

When we get to Av and it's nearing the end of the year, we too can take this message on board that if we make the teshuva/mitzvah effort with special dedication at the end of the year, we can redefine our entire year.




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