When we enter the 9 Days in particular, we can feel that Hashem is not with us and that He has abandoned us due to our sins, and that we are suffering all alone. However I thought of a shtickle Torah to prove that's not the case.
The Medrash brought in the name of the Sifri tells us that Dovid Hamelech was praising Hashem for his kindness towards Adam harishon. We know in Parshas Masei ( which often coincides with the 9 days) that Hashem commanded us to build arei miklat. These were cities of refuge that someone could flee to if he accidentally killed someone. It was this with which Dovid Hamelech praised Hashem : for sending Adam harishon into galus (the first ir hamiklat), exiled from gan eden


Through Adam’s sin, he inadvertantly brought death into the world, thereby making him liable for death straight away, however in Hashem’s kindness he was sent to a place of safety (galus - outside of gan eden)saving his life.

Now we know that Hashem keeps the Torah (eg. Where we see in Brochos 7a – Hashem wears tefillin etc.), and if so, we have a principle found in Makos 10a that “a talmid that [accidentally kills someone and] gets sent to galus [ir hamiklat] then his Rav is sent with him” (There’s an interesting discussion why it needs to be his Rav (see Ritva and Rambam)) – therefore it comes out that when Adam was sent into golus, Hashem, his Rav must have gone with him!!

Since we today are still within the galus of Adam harishon, it must be that Hashem is still here in golus with us.

This fits in well with the many medrashim that show a king (Hashem) who needs to punish and send away his wayward son (the Jewish people) in order to bring him back to the fold. In all these medrashim, the king is always there watching his son from his hiding place, desperate for him to call out "‘tatty’ take me home!"

Everyone should know the gemoro in Brachos 3a that tells of Hashem’s cry three times a day : “Woe to my children that through their sins I destroyed my house, burnt my Sanctuary and put my children under the control of the nations of the world”

Hashem is desperate to see our tears.

We should be zoche not to see tisha b’av and our cries of "‘tatty’ take me home!" should be accepted with the speedy coming of Moshiach bimheira byameinu. Amen

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