We are commanded on Sukkot to be happy. The word for happiness in Hebrew is Simcha, Shin-Mem-Chet-Hay. The letters in the word simcha can be broken up into two words Shom (Shin-Mem) meaning “there” and Chay (Chet-Hay), which has no meaning, but the gematria of 13 (Hebrew numerical correlation of 13).

The world for love, Ahavah, also has a gematria of 13. Therefore, the world simcha can be broken into shom, “there,” is ahavah, “love.” That is the essence of a person who has simcha. He realizes that he is loved...

After finishing the intensity of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur we realize that HaShem forgives for our sins, and we remember how much HaShem cares for us and loves us.

This inspiration, this overflow of love, is supposed to be the joy, the simcha of Sukkot.

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