A nice little idea. There is a steady progression from Rosh HaShanah to sukkos. The set of 3 of Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkos, have been compared to the 3 mitzvos bnei yisrael were commanded upon entry to the land of israel. Rosh HaShanah is compared to the mitzvah of appointing a king, Yom kippur to removing amalek (=doubt/sin), and sukkos to the beis hamikdash. The comparison/progression goes a bit further... Chazal tell us that sukkos shows our victory in the din of RH/YK. And its interesting to note a progression in terms of how much our physical boies are involved in mitzvos. Rosh HaShanah is (as it sounds) all about the head - thinking and clarifying one's direction. Then Yom Kippur adds dimensions of the other body parts; we hit our chest, bend our back for viduy, and bow on the floor more than on RH. And sukkos (like the beis hamikdash) involves our entire body being enveloped in a mitzvah (sitting in a sukkah). Therefore, we see the increasing involvement of mitzvos pervading the physical body. Now that's a real victory in din!

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