Double taking

Imagine the following case. You wake up in the middle of the night, pick up a lulav (with its accompanying three species), and hold them in your hands until a few minutes after daybreak. Now one cannot fulfil one’s obligation of shaking a lulav at night, so in our scenario…

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Sukkos - mamesh?

There is a debate in the gemarra (Sukkah 11b) as to what our Sukkahs commemorate. Rabbi Eliezer’s opinion is that we commemorate the clouds of glory that HaShem protected Klal Yisrael with in the desert, whilst Rabbi Akiva’s opinion is that we are commemorating the fact that Bnei Yisrael actually…

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We have special brochos for so many mitzvos, why not for building a sukkah? The Classic Commentaries bring a multitude of answers to this question. The Gemorra in tractate Menachos (42), and the Tur Orach Chayim bring some of these answers.

The Imrei Shaul adds his own insight to this…

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Succos - Forethoughts And Afterthoughts

A Mishneh in Succa (51a) states the following: 'One who never saw the celebration of the Joy of (Water) Drawing has never seen a celebration in his lifetime. On the night after the first holiday they descended (the steps) into the women's section (of the Temple) and made a great…

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Sukkos; tiferes

Sukkos; Tiferes I cannot remember where most of this came from, so sorry for not quoting it’s ‘owner.’ But I do remember the gist of things, so here goes… The 3 regalim (‘foot festivals’) correspond to the 3 avos. In this match, sukkos apparently corresponds to Yaakov Avinu. In what…

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"I'm so disappointed !! There was no chopped liver at that wedding tonight !!"

In our prayers we refer to Pesach as the time of "our freedom", Shavuos as the time of "receiving the Torah" and Succos as the time of "our happiness". Some commentaries explain that the reason we read…

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Succos involves every part of the Jewish Body

Succos, its a funny old festival men walking around with shotguns and grenades and shaking them about in 6 directions. Whats it all about.

these shotguns arent really shotguns at all, they are Lulavim and the grenades well they are Esrogim which is a little like a lemon. The 3…

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