What really happened on Shavuot? We got the Torah but what did we really get? So what happened; Hashem said the first two דיברות. Then משה went up for forty days and nights and got the rest of the Torah. משה returned and saw we had made the עגל. He 'smashes' the לוחות. Moshe goes up on Rosh Chodesh Elul for another forty days and nights and returns again on יום כיפור with the Torah a second time. So in essence we only started learning the Torah immediately after יום כיפור. So what exactly do we celebrate on שבועות?

Let's start by asking something many people hav asked over the years. When I stay up learning all night I end up sleeping on ערב שבועות, until I finish מעריב and eating my yom tov meal it's usually very late. I learn for a couple of hours. I sleep through most of davening half asleep, and then sleep most of yom tov day. So I do more learning on a regular day and even less on Shavuot, so why should we stay up all night? We can learn more by sleeping a normal nights' sleep on yom tov?
The question is a strong one, however we must understand what we are celebrating on Shavuot. שבועות was the day we said נעשה ונשמע. It was the day we formed a relationship with the Torah without even hearing first what was written inside it. As חז"ל say, Shavuot is compared to a wedding between G-d and the Jewish people. This was the day we began our special connection as a nation connected to the Torah. If we would have got the Torah on this day we would reaffirm ourselves to the מצוות and to Hashem. That's exactly what we have Yom Kippur for. Today we celebrated the IDEA of learning and growing from Torah without getting into the details.
The idea isn't to learn as much as you can on Shavuot it's just a day we affirm our love of the Torah we stay up all night to show our love.

People say תיקון ליל שבועות which is a collection of all of Torah and includes a small amount of everything right up until the Zohar. It's not jumping around all of the Torah it's dancing around all of Torah. We are so crazy about Torah it's an expression of our relationship. It's not to strengthen our mitvos and learn more. It's to celebrate are insane love for the Torah.
(Heard from Rabbi Berkowitz shlita)

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