i have a question which i felt i would put to the shortvort.com readers, Please help!!
The possuk says that Shavous falls out on the 50th day of the omer. (There is a machlokes as to when the omer starts. Is it when the korban is brought or when it should have been brought! (this is only a problem if eidim come to say that the month of Nissan didnt start on the correct day) Assuming we hold that it is from the day when the korban should have been brought, we should celebrate shavous 50 days later a - this is a side point im not going into now)

The possuk seems to make shavous dependant on the omer, (its just 50 days after the korban is brougt) according to the Torah there is no set date for shavous! The korban omer was brought on the second day of pesach to the Beis Hamikdosh. Since nowerdays we have no Beis Hamikdosh and therefore we dont bring the Korban Omer how can we have shavous??
please let me have answers!! It is a shaaleh i came across during a shiur during shavous!

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