I hate to ruin the party, but we did not get the Torah on Shavuos. Bnei Yisrael sinned with the egel hazahav and we did not get the Torah until the following Yom Kippur. So what are we recomemorating on Shavuos? The answer requires one last question. When Moshe warns Bnei Yisrael not to forget Sinai (Davarim 4), he reminds them not to forget the spectacle of the lightning, thunder, and awe-striking ceremony they saw. Why does he not tell them not to forget the giving of the ten commandments themselves? The answer is that standing by Har Sinai was to instil in us yiras HaShem (as the pasuk Shemos 20;17 says), and that comes before Torah, for it dictates our ability to receive and forge a connection with the Torah and its Giver. This is what Moshe is warning the people not to forget , for it is the key to Torah. So though we did not get the Torah until yom kippur, on 6th Sivan we became worthy to receive yiras HaShem - and this is what we relive on Shavuos.

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