A baal teshuva came to visit a Rebbe and said “I don’t know what’s happening to me. Ever since I’ve taken upon myself to become religious a very strange thing is happening to me. I’m well; I’m fine all during the week. As soon as Shabbos day comes though, I start getting very irritable and nervous. I get so ill. Only smoking calms me down. Every Shabbos, I go crazy. But I always end up smoking. But the strangest thing is it doesn’t happen during the week. And rav I want to understand why Hashem is punishing me? All I want to do is keep Shabbos but I can’t because I must take a cigarette. All the Rebbe said was, “Check your roots. Check if you’re a Jew.”

She was shocked. She knew was that her parents were for sure Jewish, but she went home and did some research and she found out that she was an adopted child. Adopted from non-Jews! And being that her parents were Jewish but not religious, they didn’t learn that their child must become a geirus otherwise she never became a Jew. So the Rebbe said to her, “Shabbos is a yichud room between Me and my kallah, only a Jew may enter and keep Shabbos. Hashem won’t let you keep Shabbos because you don’t belong in that private chamber with the King.” Should she accept upon herself the mitzvos and choose to become a Jew, then the Rebbe was sure that she would no longer have anything preventing her from keeping Shabbos.

And that’s exactly what happened!


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