The Kuzari beautifully outlines three reasons/concepts that are put together on the day of Shabbos. Firstly, Shabbos sees us bear testimony to the Exodus from Egypt. When we keep Shabbos we are declaring that HaShem took us out of Egypt to be His people to observe His Torah. Likewise, the same goes for being some form of witness to HaShem’s Creation of the world. Though we were not present to witness such an event, our observing the Shabbos is a reflection of HaShem’s resting on Shabbos in the Creation of the world, which thereby affirms our belief in Creation, as well as being an open manifestation of this event. The second point which the Kuzari highlights is that Shabbos is the only mitzvah which we merited to physically experience. On Shabbos the manna did not fall, which means that we were given a glimpse of the expression of the ‘restfulness’ and uniqueness of the day of Shabbos in real life. And thirdly, and arguably most importantly, Shabbos recreates the Divine revelation that we were privileged to experience at Har Sinai. This last point is why, as the Brisker Rav highlights, the three acts of preparation for Shabbos - mental preparation, change of clothes, and going out to greet the Shabbos - are taken straight from the pre-Mattan Torah preparations. Furthermore, this is why Shabbos and the Mishkan/Beis HaMikdash have so many similarities; for the Mishkan too served to house/reflect the revelation of Mattan Torah. For example, both Shabbos and the Mikdash share the attributes of song, clothes, candles, washing, easy death penalties, and reverence, amongst other things. In short, Shabbos sees us enjoy a direct connection to HaShem; one which we can experience. This is why we call Shabbos a taste of the Next World and the source of blessing. And vitally, just like the Next World is all about enjoyment, so too on Shabbos we are told to enjoy - put all you weekday thoughts out of your head, sing, learn Torah, and enjoy the food and menucha.

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