In Shalom Aleicheim, why in the world do we say tzeitchem leshalom (‘go in peace’) to our angel guests on Friday night; they have just arrived - why are we booting them out? Here are four great answers for you... 1) We are saying that 'when you angels do go, then go in peace' 2) We want the angels out right away. For their holiness is too much for us; we do not want them to see us sin so we tell them that it's best that you go now 3) We ask the angels of the week to go, to allow only the angels of Shabbos to remain with us (Chofetz Chaim) 4) Rav Pinkus used to give a different answer; one which really brings out the nature of Shabbos (it’s based on Rav Avigdor Miller)... The day of Shabbos in the dimension of time mirrors the Beis Hamikdash in the dimension of space. Just as the Mikdash is the medium of intimate connection and relationship with HaShem, so too is this connection the essence of the day of Shabbos. This is why if Tisha B’Av falls on Shabbos, we do not fast at all - for on Shabbos we have the closeness that the Mikdash offered. This is also why, by the way, the Mikdash and Shabbos have many similarities (mitzvah of lighting candles, shirah, special clothes, mitzvah to wash oneself, etc.). Moreover, we find that on Shabbos and in the Mikdash any small act can result in the death penalty (flicking a switch, or doing an avodah with a stain on garments respectively); because their importance in our relationship with HaShem causes this severity [just like a heart operation allows for the least leeway due to its importance.] This gives us a new answer to the Shalom Aleichem mystery...

The Torah says regarding the atoning service on Yom Kippur in the Mishkan that ‘no person is to be in the Ohel Moed’ during this service (Vayikra 16:17).

And since Shabbos parallels the Mishkan/Mikdash, just like in the Mishkan HaShem wants everyone out, so too on Shabbos does HaShem want every angel out of our houses so we can have a direct connection/relationship with Him on that day: tzeischem le’shalom!

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