When Hashem promises the land of Israel to Avraham and his descendent and He wants him to see the land, He says to him: SA NA EYNECHA UR’EH, “Lift up your eyes and see …”(Gen. 13,14) the land in all directions.

Similarly when Hashem turns down Moshe’s request to enter into the Promised Land, Hashem says to him to ascend the cliff: VESA EYNECHA, “…and lift up your eyes…”(Deut. 3,27) and see the land in all directions.

When Hashem tells Avraham and Moshe to see the land He uses the expression “to lift up your eyes”. When one wants to see the real Israel he must lift up his eyes. If he looks with his ordinary sight at Israel he s

ees a country like all other countries. It is no different from other lands. To see the real value of Israel and to appreciate its greatness, one must lift up his eyes and look at it with a different perspective. Israel has a holiness that no other land possesses. It has a spiritual characteristic that can be found nowhere else. To see this unique prominence of Israel, one must lift up his eyes and look with special foresight. Then, and only then, can he see and appreciate the land that Hashem has bequeathed us. Regretfully, not everyone in or out of Israel can see with this vision. Good Shabbos

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