"Le'hagid Ba'boker Chasdecha - To tell of your kindness in the daytime" (shir shel yom shabbos kodesh) When things are going well - job, money, studies etc. it can be easy to let life cruise us by without really showing appreciation. This message is telling us that (as opposed to "ve'emunoscha ba'leylos - and faithfullness at night" where we have a different midda to accomplish) when things go well HaShem can be seen clearly and should be cordially thanked and Praised. It's all too easy for us to "go with the flow" - but often we fail to recognize who's really causing the "flow" ... This is why Shabbos, a day of introspection, evaluation and reflection should be used to take a step back to appreciate everything we have and use that appreciation for the week ahead!

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