We recite the Ontune tokef prayer in the Mussaf Repitition of the Amidah on the first day. Something most remarkable reads as follows :

וקול דממה דקה ישמה
*Vkol Demumu dukuh "and a still, thin sound will be heard"

This is a reference to a time when Elijah was told that H'shem would appear to him. One might expect the unification of wind, noise and fire? These were all presented before Elijah, but H'shem was not present in any of them. Instead he heard a "thin still sound" which signified h'shems arrival. The previous 'great' phenomena were melachim (angels) but were not h'shem


We learn than miracles and divine intervention (hasgacha pradtis) need not come in the form of great and mighty acts but instead everyday happenings attributed to 'nature'. To continually focus on praying and giving thanks for the smallest things shows the greatest dependence on Hakadosh Baruch Hoo and brings awareness of his omnipresence into the world.

Shana Tova tikateivu vetahateimu / tikvateiva vetahatamnu

Insight from Artcroll Rosh Hashsannah Machzor

*(Kings I 19:12).

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