We see when reading megillas Esther that many things seem to be very coincidental! Not least the fact that a Jew becomes Queen of Persia. But one thing stands out for me. Bring a little of recent History into it to show how the story of Purim can Surely be no coincidence.

When we reach the reading of part where Haman's 10 sons are hung you can notice three of the letters are smaller than the others and one is considerably larger. The small letters ת, ש, ז, and the lareger letter is the ו. The 4 letters each have there own numerical value. the vav =6, the tof = 400 the shin =300 the zayin = 7. These letters were written in this way for thousands of years and baffled many as to why these were larger or smaller than others, but now, there are those who can see what the Megilla was really referring to:

Let's suggest that the the vav could mean the 6th century i.e. the year 5001-6000, the taf plus the shin equals 700 and the zayin all added together gives you 5707. Now bare in mind that the day after Haman and his ten sons were hung, Queen Esther asked King Ahasveros: "If it shall please His Majesty, allow the Jews who are in Shushan to act tomorrow as they did today, and let Haman’s ten sons be hanged on the gallows." A surprising request, since they were hung the previous day no??

another slightly coincidental statment comes from the Holy Zohar (Vayikra - 31b) "...On the 7th day of the Sukkot (Tabernacles) festival, the judgment of the nations of the world is finalized. Sentences are issued from the residence of the King. Judgements are aroused and executed on that day."

On the 16th of October 1946 Hitler's ten aides were executed and hung on the gallows. This year the 16th of october 1946 corresponded to the jewish day the 7th day of sukkos 5707.

Whats more is that 11 of Hitler's aides were supposed to be hung on that day but one (Goering) killed himself in his cell beforehand. Sound familiar? Haman's daughter killed herself in the Purim story, and what's more interesting and less well known (yet historically documented) -that Goering was a cross-dresser - coincidence?!?

And the most strange thing of all was that - as reported in the New York Post from that fateful day - Only Julius Streicher went to the gallows without dignity. He had to be pushed across the floor, wild-eyed and screaming: "Heil Hitler!" Mounting the steps he cried out: "And now I go to god." He stared at the witnesses facing the gallows and shouted: "Purimfest 1946" !! ... He obviously knew something!

So the "ten sons of haman" were hung just as Esther had requested!

Something to think about!

Based on material from Aish Ha Torah’s Discovery Seminar

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