We are told that Purim should have been made a yom tov, where we would not be able to drive or do the melachos, however the jews themselves said they didn't want it to be!! WHY you ask... Surely the jews would want another day of rest and prayer to add to the fun and festivities of purim??

well Purim is the only day in the jewish calendar where we are allowed to be wholly joyous and happy all other days we are allowed to be plain happy, as Chazal say a man in this world should never be wholly happy and joyous until he reaches the world to come!!! But Purim we are commanded to be joyous and happy and full of simcha!!

So why did the jews say they didnt want it to be a yom tov?

Purim, says R. Chazzan (of Manchester) is a taste of the world to come because there we are 100% happy and full of simcha!!

If you were allowed to be this happy you would never want it to end!!! If Purim was a yom tov like Rosh Hashanna or Shavuot etc. we would have to make Havdolah and therefore seperate ourselves from this joy and simcha!! The jews didnt want this and chose not to make Purim a Yom tov!!!

why is yom kippur called yom kippur!? yom kippur says the Vilna Gaon is YOM - day, KI - Like, Pur - purim!!!

Yom kippur doesn't even have the kedushah and spiritual joy that purim does!! People say Yom kippur is 1/60 of olam haba... but purim is a much larger taste of olam haba because it is the ONLY day of the year - the sages say - that we can truly feel real joy!!

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