It says in Parasha Pekudai the words "vayasu bnei yisrael" which means the "Bnei Yisrael made/built" (the mishkan). Hold on a second we know that isn't true. We know that Betzalel and the chachmey Leyve built it whats going on here? The or Hachayim asks. He answers saying the Torah teaches us that it is physically impossible for one person to be able to keep all the 613 mitzvot. There are some just for cohanim, leviim, nashim etc. He continues by saying that yes, betzalel and the chachmey leyve PHYSICALLY built the mishkan but this could not have been achieved without some the following

1. the donations of half a shekel given by the other people of bnei yisrael 2. Providing of the raw materials 3. Providing Food 4. Looking after the families of Betzalel and the Chachmey Leyve. This shows that in order for the Mishkan to be built, the whole of Bnei Yisrael were needed which is why the passuk says "Vayasu BNEI YISRAEL"

It was recently Parashat Shekalim and the question is asked why half a shekel? There are many answers to this one being as follows. Each person was obligated to give half. This shows that by ourselves we are only half. In order to be complete we need the whole of the jewish people together. On Purim we read Megilat Esther.

When Haman demands from Achashverosh that the jews should be wiped out he uses the words (sorry only in english)the jews are "Scattered and dispersed". Why does he say both? To show that eventhough we are all scattered around the world some in Israel, some america etc. We are dispersed within that as a nation. There are arguments between these sects about that thing. That is a massive weekness. Before Esther comes to the king to plead our innocence. she says to Mordechai gather ALL the jews.......they should fast and I will fast as well.

You could ask why does she need to fast being so nervous going to the king...they should fast and she will ask..or you could say why do they have to ask..she is the one asking. They all did both her and them to show in order to be saved we have to be UNITED TOGETHER as a nation and not "DISPERSED" as Haman picked up on.

Purim Sameach

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