When Haman pulled Mordechai on the horse in front of his own house, his daughter, sure that her father was on the horse and Mordechai pulling it, threw refuse on her father. Realizing her mistake she leapt to her death in horror over what she had done. The Ben Ish Chai asks how could she confuse the two of them? Did she not hear the voice of her father? Did she not see either of their faces?

He answers that Haman's voice was hoarse from screaming "Kacha Yei'aseh L'Ish" through the streets. His face was turned down in shame hoping no one would see him. Mordechai's face, he explains, was also not visible. Being so weak and tired from his fasting he needed to lean on his arms to support him on the horse and therefore his face was turned downward and not visible from the balcony of Haman's home.

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