The Halacha states that you must hear every word of the Megilla and if you do not, you have not fulfilled your obligation to hear it. One insight into this is brought by the Maharal. He explains that because HaShem is not mentioned in the Megilla, it could be that one can read its sections and feel that HaShem played no part in the Purim Story. That is until you read the whole story missing no parts. For instance, without knowing that Mordechei was responsible for saving Achashverosh’s life and not being rewarded (at the beginning of the Megilla) you would fail to appreciate the extent of the hidden miracle when the king finally did reward him (as Homon approached the king asking to kill Mordechai).

The Maharal explains that every letter of the Megilla is necessary because even if a minute detail is missing from the truth, the whole story is not true.

"If אמת was missing its aleph it changes to מת."

I think that the Maharal was explaining by this example that if we don’t see the main element of truth (ie. HaShem – which the aleph represents) then we are not dealing with truth at all. The Torah is called תורת אמת and we are instructed to choose to live in the way of אמת– but if we fail to recognize HaShem and His Torah, then we are faced with מת (death). Just as the possuk tells us to choose life (real אמת) by recognizing HaShem’s goodness, so too we need to read every letter of the Megilla in order to appreciate all of HaShem’s goodness.

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