“Shoshnas Yackov Tzehala Vasmacha Beroisim Yachad Tchelis Mordchai” Why is there a focus on the color of his clothes? When was there “TZehala Vasmacha” when Haman and Mordchai were together “Beroisim Yachad”. When was that? When Hamman was forced to march Mordchai through the streets saying “So shall be done to the man whom the king wishes to honor”. Hamman had hatched an evil Plan.In order to save face he said to himself when Mordchai takes off his clothes, I will switch them for my own.His plan was fooling everyone into thinking I am him. We see our first "Vinoihopachu", as his own plan ended up killing his daughter.When his daughter dumps the garbage on his head thinking its Mordchai . As we know that was a fatal mistake.It was her father, and when he looked up ,and she realized her mistake, out the window she went.So how did they differentiate Between The evil Hamman and the righteous Mordchai?it was only through Tchelis Mordchai When they saw his Tzitzis which were "Tchelis" than they Knew “Whose Who in Persian Royalty”. From Rav Yonsan Eibshatz in shlal rav On Purim

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