Esthers' Character development through the Megillah: The Megillah is named after Esther, seemingly because she is the hero of our story, she leads King Achashverosh and Haman by the nose and ends up destroying the decree to wipe out the Jewish people. This is quite remarkable considering the information we can glean from the Megillah and what the Rabbis have to say about her.

Esther in the beginning of the story: The Rabbis tell us that Esther was orphaned from a young age, and some say that she was married to Mordechai. What we read in the Megillah is that Esther was a simple girl who never thought for herself, what she does is under the instruction of other people, whether from Mordechai or his messengers. She doesn’t put on any make up during the “beauty contest” of Achashverosh , a natural looking girl. Esther rebuked: When the decree was heard that the Jews were going to be exterminated she still does nothing until Mordechai makes a frightening accusation - “Don’t imagine that you can flee from the Jews in the palace. Because if you remain silent at this time salvation will come from another place but you and your household will be destroyed” (Esther 4:13).

Mordechai is complaining about her apathy, her seemingly relaxed state of mind, stagnant not thinking for herself, when really she should be saving the Jews.

Esther Changes: Esther now tells Mordechai to gather all the Jews and to fast. The rabbis say that Mordechai complained as the three day fast coincided with Pesach. Esther replied what is the point of Passover when there are no Jews. The rest of the story is history! What we see is that Esther instigates a revolution in the spirit of the Jewish people, an awakening they never experienced. It doesn’t matter what sort of person one is, he/she could be a simple person, but when push comes to shove one can move mountains. It’s the will that counts! One can remain apathetic and cause disaster to oneself and their people like Esther in the beginning, or alternatively one put themselves into action and save the world like Esther.

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