Chazal instituted the Mitzvah of the four Kosos (cups) which represent the four terms used for the redemption v’Hotzeisi v’Hotzalti v’Goalti v’Lakachti.

What is the significance of the four terms for the redemption? Why wasn’t one term for the redemption sufficient? The Maharal says (Gevuras Hashem 30) that each term for the redemption represented a different aspect of our redemption. We were first redeemed from the affliction of the backbreaking work that the Egyptians imposed on us, however we still remained servants to Mitzrayim. Subsequently we were redeemed from servitude of Mitzrayim but we still were sojourners in a land that was not ours. We were then completely released from Mitzrayim but we had not yet entered into the covenant of Hashem Yisborach. When we entered into the covenant of Hashem at the time of Matan Torah that was the fourth and final step of the Geulah Sheleima (complete redemption) from Mitzrayim.

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