We have brachos before performing many mitzvos; shaking lulav, Halel, etc. Why do we have no bracha before the mitzvah of recounting the Exodus in maggid on the seder night? Answer 1) Since there is no limit to the performance of this mitzvah [we say that 'the more one speaks about the Exodus, the better,' there is no bracha. 2) Because this mitzvah is an offshoot of the daily mitzvah of remembering the Exodus (Rambam), and perhaps miztvos which are not based in action, but rather remembering via words, do not have a bracha. 3) There is a rule that we don't make brachos on mitzvos that are between man and man [bein adam lechaveiro], eg no bracha on giving tzedaka. Perhaps the mitzvah of recounting the Exodus also has an aspect of bein adam lechaveiro, for the obligation is 'to tell your child..' - you have an obligation to your child to let him know of our true roots and our true history and the miracles and kindness HaShem did for us.

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