It is no coincidence that the word Matzos is exactly the same word as mitzvos. For matza to be 'non chametz' it must be baked within 18 minutes - ie. With haste. So too we can learn that the best Mitzva is done with haste and in the momnent. This was the greatness of Pinchas' act when he restored G-d's name amongst the Jewish people after they had succumbed to the desires of the yetzer horoh. All the more so, we learn from this from the posuk " Mitzvos lyadcha, al tachmitza " 'If a mitzva comes your way, don't lose the opportunity ("let it go sour") Here we can clearly see also that as well as mitzvos and matza being interchangeable, so too we see the root of the word "tachmitza" = chametz! So we learn the lesson that just as we should act with haste to make the matzos before they become chametz, so too should we act with haste and enthusiasm to do mitzvos before the opportunity and the inspiration passes us by!

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