I believe this is from the Gr"a. The progression of events in Chad Gadyah is representative of the progression of Jewish history. And it is a story of the ups and downs of our past. If you interpret the 2 zuz to mean the 2 tablets, then the sale at the beginning, is matan Torah. The following verses therefore go bad, good, etc. Sale is good, cat is bad, dog is good, stick is bad, fire is good, water is bad, ox is good, shochet is bad, angel of death is good, and therefore G-d is bad!! How can this be?! Rather, you can say, that the sale is the sale of Yosef, which started the whole exodus off! That means the sale is bad, cat is good, dog is bad, stick is good, fire is bad, water is good, ox is bad, shochet is good, angel of death is bad, and therefore G-d is good! Yay! But it gets better…! How much was Yosef sold for? He was sold for 20 pieces of silver. Divide the 20 pieces of silver between the 10 brothers who played a part in his sale... 2 each! I love the Gr"a.

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