A quick song... Of Rabbi Eliezer a story is told Of Rabbi Yehoshua that scholar of old Elazar ben Azariah, Akiva the sage And Tarfon for wisdom, reknowned in his age. Why does the Haggadah talk about these Rabbis? Were not all Jews sitting down to talk about the exodus from Egypt on this night? Why are they singled out? Rav Nebenzahl shlita points out the following: R' Eliezer and R' Yehoshua were Leviim R' Tarfon and Elazar ben Azariah were Kohanim Rabbi Akiva was a convert None of their ancestors were in slavery!! Kohanim are from Leviim, and Leviim were not slaves like the rest of the Jews. And it is obvious that non-Jews were not slaves in Egypt. The point here is that these Jews got together on Seder night to talk about a story that they have absolutely no lineal connection to!! So we see, that if they did it, how much more so do we have to do it!

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