The מהר"ל has several יסודות. The first one is to answer the question that we are always celebrating the fact that we prevailed through סכנה. However, since the רבש"ע runs the world, just as he performed all the נסים, he also created all the צרות. We would be מוחל the נסים if He wouldn’t give us the צרות. The מהר"ל starts off with a יסוד that this world is a נברא and a מושפע, and is really an אין from a יש, as it is צמצום of Hashem כביכול. It is certainly a step down from infinity, not a step up. It exists only through Hashem’s existence. Therefore, הפסד is inevitable. The whole תכלית of this world is to be מתקן the ירידה of the fact that this world is finite. Just as our goal is to become less finite, more שלם and דבוק בד', this is the whole מציאות of עוה"ז.

Therefore all growth in this world begins with הפסד. In life it is simple that things work this way, we grow

by overcoming. We are put through צמצום of צרות in order to grow and become bigger. It is a תיקון of that what is broken. He says that בראשית hints at the four מלכיות, with תוהו בהו חושך ותהום. The חושך is יון. It was built into the creation, it was not a chance. Sin in this world is inevitable. We must fall in order to grow, שבע יפול צדיק וקם. The גדלות of a צדיק is not that he never fell, rather that he never gave up. It is not just the יונים exerting influence over us and we survived, rather it is another level of growth and תיקון that we reached through overcoming יון. Hellenism gave us the opportunity to fight with מסירות נפש, giving us levels we never had, which we could keep forever. This is the שמחה of חנוכה.

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