Chanukah - Publicity Stunt!

Why is it that by the Mitzvah of lighting the lights on Chanukah there is a special emphasis on publicising the Miracle? We don’t find that we have to eat the korban Pesach on the street. We don’t have to put the story of Yetsius Mitzrayim on the billboards of city. Leining Megillas Ester doesn’t have to be done in the town square. These miracles were of no less importance than that of Chanuka?

The Chasam Sofer explains that there is a major difference between the miracle of Chanuka and that of Yetsius Mitzrayim for example. Unlike all other miracles the miracle that occurred with the jug of pure oil that burnt for eight days was a miracle seen by very few. Only the Cohanim who were in the Beis Hamikdash saw the miraculous burning of oil. In actual fact it is specifically a miracle of this nature

that has most room to deny. Certain other religions of the world base their whole religion on a supposed miraculous occurrence witnessed by few. This is unlike the Jews who [even according to all religions of the world] stood as a together as a complete nation at Har Sinai, and witnessed the giving of the Torah.

It is therefore precisely because the miracle was done on a small scale, that we have to do it on a large scale, so as to establish it as true, to give it validity by ensuring that all Yidden get to know about it.

But perhaps it goes even deeper. An “on the quiet” miracle can achieve something that a large public one cannot. A big miracle is often done to prove a point. Krias Yam Suf made the whole world tremble. Matan Torah was to reveal the Jews as the Chosen Nation. But a small miracle on one level is much more personal, much closer to the person. It’s not always the big actions that speak but the small ones. This shows real endearment from Hashem when He does even a small thing that no one knows about, except you. The act may be less, but the the inner love that Hashem has to us is seen more clearly.
Do you think you could connect this idea to this weeks Sedra - Vayeshev? Please write your answers in the comment section below.

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