And he’s missed it!




When reading through Moshe recapping the judicial reform that we are told about in parshas Yisro, one cannot help but noting a glaring omission from the psukim.

Though it seemed to be Yisro’s idea to set up a body of judges to lighten Moshe’s workload, in parshas…

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We always get something!

The young people of Bnei Yisroel who were about to go into Eretz Yisroel. Moshe Rabbeinu in his last address to them retold the story of their parents' mistakes in the Midbar. When retelling the Cheit of the Meraglim, Moshe says that they were punished and routed by the Emori…

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what is the judgment of a king?

Parshas Devarim; The King and I
Our sedra marks the beginning of Moshe’s final speech to klal yisrael before his death. In this speech, he revises several key events of the previous forty years. We are going to focus on part of one of those events. In parshas Yisro, we…

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Moshe Rabbeinu saw what was coming!!

The Medrash (Eicha Rabba 1:1) tells us that three people used the word Eicha. Moshe Rabbeinu, Yeshaya, and Yirmiya. Moshe Rabbeinu asked in Devarim (1:12), “Eicha Esa Livadi”, how can I alone, carry the nation? The Medrash contrasts these three quotes, in that Moshe used it in the time of…

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