Our mission is pretty straight forward.  We aim to increase the knowledge and love of Hashem’s Torah.

 The idea of ShortVort.com was conceived in 2006 on Leeds University Campus (UK) where Rabbi Moshe Kormornick was involved in full-time campus kiruv.  After many months learning with a group of students, Rabbi Kormornick suggested that it was not enough to simply learn the material and then move on.  He suggested to his students that they share what they have learned with others; this way, they are fulfilling the precept found in Pirkei Avos (“Learn in order to teach” (Avos 6:6)) and they are a lot more likely to remember what they had been taught if they invested the time to teach it to others.  But how could they go about sharing their newly found Torah material with others?  How could they give over what they had learned?  And who would listen? 

 With these questions in mind, ShortVort.com was born.  The website was a base for those students to write up their Divrei Torah and send the link out to friends and family…but after a very short time, others heard about this unique website and sent in their own Divrei Torah.  All of a sudden the website capacity needed to be increased to accommodate for all the worlwide submissions of Divrei Torah, and categories needed to be added to cover all different topics.  And people kept on coming!  

 So, has our mission changed?  Absolutely not, and it never will.  We have, however, tried to find more ways to “increase the knowledge and love of Hashem’s Torah” through this website by expanding the website from just Divrei Torah on the Parsha, to include all festivals and Simchas.  We also have a weekly email that reaches thousands of people every week featuring an inspiring Short Vort by Rabbi Kormornick on the weekly Parsha; an excellent 3 minute Video Vort by Rabbi Yechiel Emmanuel; as well as an ‘Interesting Halacha’ section. 

 What are our plans for the future?

 If we are able to raise the money, we hope to include other features like Online classes, “Rabbis Speak Out” Section, Daily Blogs, Questions on the Weekly Parsha, more videos – and lots more, including a Short Vort App. 

 If you have any suggestions as to what we can do to improve the website or what features we can add, please send us a message and if you would be willing to donate something to help implement some of these features, then please click here.