Rabbi Moshe Kormornick mesader kiddushinRabbi Moshe Kormornick

CEO: ShortVort.com

Born in England and living in Jerusalem, Rabbi Moshe Kormornick is the founder of ShortVort.com.  He is also the author of "Short Vort" which sold out after only 2 weeks, and a year later was in its 4th printing.  

Rabbi Kormornick is also the CEO of Adir Press (formerly Short Vort Publications), the latest Jewish Book Publishing company in the industry which works with Feldheim, its distribution partner .

"I'm delighted that the various ShortVort projects are doing so well.  The whole thing started with such siyatte dishmaya and that is how it has continued, and bezras Hashem, will continue."  Said Rabbi Kormornick.  

When asked about future Short Vort projects, bearing in mind the website, book and publications company, Rabbi Kormornick answered: "Well, I'm certainly not planning a feature length film.  But I do hope to be able to facilitate teaching and learning Torah in other areas too.  For the moment, however, things are very exciting with what I am currently involved with, and in particular, ShortVort.com is a great niche website which really encourages others to learn, write and become involved in harbatzos haTorah. So I am working hard on making that happen!"

 You can reach Rabbi Kormornick directly, by sending him an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Rabbi Dovid Wolpe Rabbi Dovid Wolpe

 Ask the Rabbi -Head of the Online Ask the Rabbi Team

South African Rabbi Dovid Wolpe has been studying for the last 18 years in Eretz Yisroel, and resides with his family in Ramat Bet Shemesh.  Kind-hearted, patient and very knowledgable, Rabbi Wolpe was ShortVort's top choice to head the online Ask the Rabbi Team, especially after he received Semicha from Rav Yitzchak Berkovits in all major areas of Jewish law.  

 Having already answered hundreds of questions on dozens of topics, Rabbi Wolpe is a great resource for those quick questions that you don't need a Rabbi who knows you to answer.  

 "I enjoy answering questions and the interaction with people who have no access to a Rabbi.  I won't answer a question unless I am 100% sure of the right answer and I will often ask other Rabbis for assistance."  Said Rabbi Wolpe when he first started responding to questions. 

 Rabbi Wolpe is one of several Rabbis online, waiting for you to be in touch with your questions.  All you have to do is click on the Ask the Rabbi 'bubble' at the bottom right of your screen; when one of the Rabbis are available to speak, it will let you know.  Rabbi Wolpe and the whole Ask the Rabbi Team are looking forward to speaking with you.


Rabbi Yechiel Emmanuel

 Rabbi Yechiel Emanuel

Video Vorts

With an impressive depth of knowledge and a warmth radiance when teaching, Rabbi Yechiel Emmanuel has already produced over 50 short video vorts for ShortVort.com - each one being seen 6000 times!

 With his Video Vorts lasting around 3 minutes, Rabbi Emmanuel is able to say over an amazing Dvar Torah in a fluid, interesting way!  Spanning the Torah, Talmud and their commentaries, Rabbi Emmanuel produces very popualar videos and is one of the most exciting features of ShortVort.com.


Rabbi Yonasan Boruch Caller


Rabbi Yonasan Boruch Caller

Daily Wisdom Blog

Full Bio coming soon!



Rabbi Daniel Leeman


Rabbi Daniel Leeman

Featured Writer

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