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Websites cost money; server space is expensive and upgrades are required frequently.  These are just some of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ expenses that incurs.  Not to mention the expense whenever we add a new feature or video to the website.

Yet, we are committed to bring you the best Divrei Torah, featured articles and video vorts that we can.  At, we have a very committed staff who work without taking a salary.  We dedicate considerable time towards maintaining the website, writing articles, checking user-submitted articles, filming and uploading videos to name only a few of our weekly tasks.

Yet, despite the free-time that we put in to the website, there are real costs – thousands of dollars worth each year – just to maintain the features that we already have.  But that does not stop us dreaming! 

Join us! Become a part of the dream and help us continue what we have and build what we need.

Feel free to email us to discuss specific projects, but to name a few projects that we are hoping to include are: Weekly Video Classes, ShortVort APP for smart phones, Questions and Answers with leading Rabbis, online Ask the Rabbi, Help in Halacha series…and lots more.

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Rabbi Moishe Kormornick