Bar Mitzvah

Barmitzvah: Why all the Fuss?

What is the big party for a barmitzvah boy? Though he has become obligated in mitzvos, he has not done many yet - why do we give him a party at the start of the journey?

Let's answer with an important concept, via some questions... We have a halacha that…

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Bar Mitzva Drosha : D'as

Rabbi Gershenfeld of Machon Shlomo explains that a boy reaching Bar Mitzva (girl reaching Bas Mitzva) acquires D'as - the ability to overcome a natural emotion (the ‘Regesh*’) by focussing on a wider perspective.

For example, overcoming the feeling of depression by focussing on one’s positive attributes. Using the example…

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Barmitzvah; why now?

We make a meal and celebration when a boy reaches thirteen, honouring the fact that he has become of age to be obligated in mitzvos.

The question, however, is why are we making a celebration now - if it’s mitzvos that we are honouring then surely the best time to…

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Bat Mitzvah in halacha; a good idea?

We all celebrate bar mitzvahs - the source of which is Rav Yosef’s festive seudah in the gemarra Kiddushin 31a when he found out that he was fully obligated in mitzvos. However, what about a bat mitzvah? Does this source apply to bat mitzvahs too? is there any reason to…

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