*The following segment is a brief outline of tefillas for the wedding day. Please print this out and use it for the Big Day to focus on the Prayers that will be the foundation of your future lives* On your wedding day Hashem listens to all your prayers. Heavens gates are opened to your prayers so ask for anything and everything! (Speak in English to ask for all you want). - Whole family, and each others family. What they need :- beshert, children, money, health, bring back to way of Hashem...


- Your friends/anyone who needs something


- The Jewish people - our enemies/Arabs etc should not harm us

- Moshiach - Ask Hashem for forgiveness for yourself and each other. Whatever you can think of that you've done (been rude to someone/ hurt someone's feelings/ parents...) so you can begin a new life together.

- Pray that we should be able to work on everything together, no matter what it may be, and grow constantly together as one.

- Give me strength to be a good wife/husband. Always encourage each other, bring out the best in each other, support each other, speak to each other lovingly and gently even if we are having a disagreement let our words not be harsh, give us chochma to say the right words/do the right things so we may not upset one another

- Help us build a true Jewish home, filled with love and respect for one another.

- Give us wisdom to know what is right and the strength to carry out that knowledge.

- Please G-d we'll have children be'sha tova, in the right time, in a good time. - May we have children that will be healthy and whole in every aspect, in every limb, healthy physiaclly, mentally and emotionally.

- Children that love You and love Your Torah - May we be good parents and raise good children that love and respect us - May we bring up our children without pain or difficulty - Let it not be too difficult for me/my wife to become pregnant, and may my/her pregnancies and birth be healthy, full-term and not too difficult. Please let our children be healthy and strong....

- Please give us parnassa, so that we should not be lacking for anything or troubled by money worries.... -May we not experience pain, hurt, sickenss...

- Please let us be in a marriage of constant giving to one another, so that peace (Sholom bayis) will dwell between us/among us/in our home. May we always strive together for sholom bayis.

- May we both always focus on how we can bring out the best in each other, make each other happy, be there for each other. - Help me to be more giving, less selfish....

- Help me to focus on the positive in him/her/situations and let my spouse only see the good in me. Let us be happy/ optimistic.

- Let us have a happy home - Help me to be honest, thoughtful, kind, patient, appreciative, loving, loyal, sensitive, supportive, understanding, not get angry, happy, respectful with/to my husband/wife. Help mu husband/wife to be good, kind.....

- Let us have a good physical relationship as well as spiritual/emotional relationaship - Help us to keep the laws of family purity to the best we can

- Please G-d our love for one another will only continue to grow and grow stronger and deeper, and we will come closer to each other.

- Let us always be able to spend quality time together and be able to discuss things openly - Please G-d we will be so happy together and we will only have simchas in our lives.


(Continued in Part B...)

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