The following D’var Torah is a little known sheva brachas vort that was said at one of the many vorts and engagement parties, at which R' Mordechai Rosen z'l was asked to speak. The Gemara says: "Yagatah U’matzasah Tamin". If someone tells you that he searched and he found you should believe him. It is generally accepted that this is referring to a person’s learning. The question can be asked: why does Chazal use Lashon "Metzia", a find. If a person searches and searches, he deserves an answer -- he does not just find it.
When a person is learning, he will search and search to understand the Pshat of what he is learning and when he finally finds his answers, it opens up a whole new world for him. He finds more to the learning then he thought there was. We can say the same thing about the search for a Shidduch.
When we set out to search for that right person, we go out with many thoughts and ideas as to what we want. What actually happens is that when we find the "right person" we end up with much more than we thought we were looking for. Sometimes it is not always clear to those around you, that what you have found is a "Metzia", a find. So Chazal tell us if someone tells you he searched and he found -- believe him.

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