Whenever we want to sanctify an event, we always use a cup of wine. We use it for kiddush, a bris milah, a chupah. But why wine? Many don't like the taste, and yet for generations we have used the stuff! There is an interesting quality to wine, which does not really exist anywhere else. Everything else gets worse over time. Bread goes stale, cheese goes mouldy, and the less you shower, the more you stink. However, wine only gets better with age. Everyone prefers an 1876 Bordeaux to the armpits of that guy on the train. And so it is with all spiritual things. Over time, they only get better. The more we study Torah and do mitzvot, the higher we reach. Conversely, physical things just slip lower to the point of decay. That is what wine comes to teach us. Though it is physical, it has the aspirations to be something spiritual. It just wants to be left to its own thing. That is why we use it to sanctify. We take something physical, like a meal, and we elevate it to something far higher and spiritual - a SHABBOS table, etc. Wine serves at the bridge between physical and spiritual. By drinking the wine, we can bring the spiritual into our lives to turn the mundane into something far greater. ...But please don't drink and drive... Everything in moderation!.

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